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International Coverage

Al-Jazeera English Network – (05-23-2020)

Bustle Online Magazine – How Has The Coronavirus Affected Ramadan? For One Psychologist, It’s A Call To Action (5-22-2020)

Yahoo News M.T.O. School of Sufism® Celebrates with COVID-19 Care Packages and Live Meditation Sessions for Frontline Heroes (5-11-2020)

National Coverage


Orange County, California: CBS Los Angeles (9-8-2020)

Orange County, California: ABC 7 News (9-7-2020)

Berkeley, California: ABC 7 News (9-6-2020)

Atlanta, Georgia: Fox 5 News (9-4-2020)

Princeton, New Jersey: WCTC (9-4-2020)

Berkeley, California: KPIX 5 (9-4-2020)

Berkeley, California: NBC Bay Area (9-4-2020)

Berkeley, California: Fox 2 News (9-4-2020)

Princeton, New Jersey: News 12 (9-4-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Morning Consult (9-3-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles Daily News (9-3-2020)

Los Angeles, California: US News (9-1-2020)

Los Angeles, California: NBC News (8-31-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Newsweek (8-31-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Al Dia News (8-28-2020)

Los Angeles, California: KQED (8-28-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Western Journal<> (8-27-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Patriots Report (8-27-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The News Commenter (8-27-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Newsweek (8-25-2020)

Los Angeles, California: ABC News (8-23-2020)

Los Angeles, California: International Business Times (8-21-2020)

Los Angeles, California: COVID-19 Data (8-19-2020)

Los Angeles, California: St. Louis Today (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Patch (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Microsoft News (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Albany Herald (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Lincoln Journal Star (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Eagle (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: WFSB TV (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: NWI Times (8-18-2020)

Los Angeles, California: COVID-19 Data(8-17-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Yahoo News  (8-17-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Fox News (8-17-2020)

Los Angeles, California: ABC News (8-17-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Grio (8-15-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Fox 5 News (8-15-2020)

Los Angeles, California: MSN News California, el primer estado de EEUU en rebasar los 600,000 contagios> (8-14-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Summarizer California surpasses 600,000 coronavirus cases (8-14-2020)

Chicago, Illinois: Fox 32 Helping frontline workers and first responders battle burnout and depression during COVID-19 (8-13-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Washington Post (8-13-2020)

Los Angeles, California: NBC News Coronavirus lockdowns could make a comeback as U.S. struggles (8-13-2020)

Los Angeles, California: China Daily Inconsistent efforts by US states to contain pandemic will likely prolong recession: Fed official (8-13-2020)

Los Angeles, California: International Business Times (8-13-2020)

Los Angeles, California: ABC News (8-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: CNN (8-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Good Morning America (8-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Fox 40 (8-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: ABC 7 News (8-11-2020)

Los Angeles, California: KNBC 4 (8-11-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Univision 34 (8-11-2020)

Dallas, Texas: NBC 5  M.T.O. School of Islamic Sufism® Supports Homeless Youth at CitySquare (8-5-2020)

Dallas, Texas: WFA (8-4-2020)

Sacramento, California: 360 Magazine Caring for Our Caregivers (8-3-2020)

Nutley, New Jersey: News 12 (8-2-2020)

Sacramento, California: KCRA 3(7-31-2020)

Orange County, California: ABC 7 (7-31-2020)

Sacramento, California: ABC 10(7-31-2020)

Berkeley, California: KPIX 5 (7-31-2020)

Princeton, New Jersey: WCTC (7-30-2020)

Fairfax, Virginia: WPFW 89.3 FM (7-13-2020)

Newark, New Jersey: Magic 98.3 M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi July 4 Donation Event (7-4-2020)

Phoenix, Arizona: Daily Independent Tablets offer stress relief videos for nurses, caregivers (7-4-2020)

Chicago, Illinois: Psychology Today What Is Sufi Psychology? (6-27-2020)

Pheonix, Arizona: ABC15 Arizona Caring for Caregivers donates to HonorHealth hospitals (6-26-2020)

San Diego, California: CBS News 8 Team(6-26-2020)

San Diego, California: North County Daily Star Vista Mayor Judy Ritter Joins Local Non-Profit in COVID-19 Relief Effort (6-26-2020)

Newark, New Jersey: LI Herald Islamic school donates to Baldwin Bethany House (6-19-2020)

Portland, Oregon: OHSU Onward CARING FOR OUR CAREGIVERS (6-10-2020)

Berkeley, CA: Daily Cal Newspaper 300 food bags donated to Bear Pantry to celebrate end of Ramadan, Memorial Day –(5-27-2020)

Berkeley, CA: KPIX-CBS5 (5-25-2020)

Berkeley, CA: KCBS Radio (5-27-2020)

Los Angeles, CA: Santa Monica Daily Press Marking Memorial Day & End of Ramadan (5-27-2020)

Los Angeles, CA: My News LA Muslim Group Marks End of Ramadan and Memorial Day with Food Drive (5-25-2020)

Los Angeles, CA: NBC4 (5-25-2020)

Orange County, CA: ABC7 (5-25-2020)

Sacramento, CA: CBS13, MTO Veteran Care Packages (5-25-2020)

Sacramento, CA: Fox40, Marking Day End of Ramadan with Care Packages for Veteran from MTO (5-25-2020)

Chicago, Illinois: Fox32 (5-26-2020)

New Jersey: News12 Channel’s coverage in New Jersey (5-29-2020)

Columbus, Ohio: WDTN Columbus Mosque Donate more than 250 Meals to Daybreak (5-26-2020)

Columbus, Ohio: NBC News (5-25-2020)

Los Angeles, California: The Associated Press Marking Memorial Day & End of Ramadan: M.T.O. School of Islamic Sufism Centers Around the World Honor Frontline Heroes with Global Food Drive (5-22-2020)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: TMJ4 (5-22-2020)

Dallas, TX: ABC8 (5-16-2020)

Los Angeles, California: Channel 35 News (5-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: KCAL9 News (5-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: KNBC4 News (5-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: CBS2 News (5-12-2020)

Los Angeles, California: ABC News (5-12-2020)




Toronto: Beach Metro News (9-9-2020)

Vancouver: Omni TV (9-4-2020)

Vancouver: North Shore News (8-12-2020)

Vancouver: Richmond News (8-6-2020)

Vancouver: CityNews (8-2-2020)

Vancouver: News 1130 (8-2-2020)

Vancouver: Global BC 1 (8-1-2020)

Vancouver: CityNews (7-31-2020)

Vancouver: CTV (7-31-2020)

Vancouver: Omni TV (7-31-2020)

Montreal: TVA Nouvelles Dons de paniers pour la fête de l’Aïd al-Adha (7-31-2020)

Montreal: TVA Nouvelles (6-5-2020)

Vancouver: North Shore News School of Islamic Sufism donates free meals to seniors in North and West Vancouver (5-27-2020)

Richmond News Muslims Donate Food to Vulnerable Richmond Residents (05-27-2020)

Vancouver: Burnaby Now Ramadan marked with food donated to vulnerable in Burnaby (5-26-2020)

CTV News Vancouver Islamic centre marks end of Ramadan by helping vulnerable communities (05-25-2020)

Vancouver: Global News B.C. Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr with physical distancing (5-24-2020)

Richmond News Kudos: Richmond Hospital nurses receive care packages from global non-profit (05-20-2020)


Australia & New Zealand


Sydney: Western Weekender (8-4-2020)

Sydney: Mirage News Eid al-Adha celebrated with a helping hand to young people (8-4-2020)

Sydney:  Northside Radio interview with M.T.O. Sydney about the Covid-19 response during Eid al-Adha (7-31-2020)

Sydney: Hawkesbury Gazette Global charity MTO delivers packages to local community organisation (7-31-2020)

Sydney: Hawkesbury Gazette MTO Shahmaghsoudi will work with local community groups to complete global pilgrimage (7-16-2020)




BBC One (5-12-2020)

BBC Oxford Radio (5-17-202)

Oxford Mail: PPE and care packages delivered to hospital staff by Sufi community (5-12-2020)

Ham&High Crouch End based charity volunteers deliver vital supplies – and some music – to vulnerable people in Haringey to mark end of Ramadan (5-29-2020)




Hamburg: MTO® Hamburg donated School supplies to local Christian Arche (7-27-2020)

Sat1 TV (5-25-2020)

Frankfurt:  Radio Frankfurt (5-25-2020)

Braunschweig: Radio Okerwelle (5-25-2020)

Düsseldorf: Report-D: Düsseldorf: Großes karitatives Engagement der Sufi-Gemeinde MTO Shahmaghsoudi® (5-25-2020)



Nice Charitable Initiative of M.T.O.® Nice on Eid Fetr (6-16-2020)

Le Parisien Nanterre:en pleine crise sanitaire, ils pensent aussi aux migrants (05-21-2020)